Wednesday September 21, 2005 11:52

1noon (Chutnoon)

Posted by Channy Yun

1Noon is a local search engine service launched in September, 2005 in Korea. The 1Noon means “First Snow” and is pronunciated by “Chutnoon” in korean. They focused on search indexing for korean web pages. But, Chutnoon’s challenge seems to be reckless.

Most of internet users selected portal-offering search services such as Naver, Daum and Yahoo!. They show integrative results including news, image, blog, audio & video and web page for an query. It’s similar with, but most of results are things in their own data inner portal services. Because of small country and same language, most of them don’t have various interests and portals gives edited detail information per major query for them. They feel convinient to use them, so search engines such as Google has very poor market share in this country.

Chutnoon’s search result resembles’s keyword clustering for indexed web pages. But, Chutnoon inspects similiarity between web pages. They calls their technology so-called “SnowRank”TM that means duplicated information is valuable. Because there are many duplicated informations in korean web page, they concluded that the set of the latest duplicated web pages is meaningful. In search results, there are 20~30 keyword sets for a query by calculation of snow-rank algorithm. So users can feel comportable hybrid-interface between portal and search engine. Many of informations are located in portal web sites, they cannot help crawling user community and forum, blogs etc. In that place, informations tend to be copied and pasted by network effects.

Chutnoon aims at taking a lead at the search engine business in Korea where the leaders have changed due to constant challenges with newcomers with fresh ideas just as Google did. Chutnoon is chasing the illustrious strategy of Google to maintain an uncluttered page design for visual enhancements as well as maximization of the page loading speed. In fact, its beta service provided at shows just the search window without any advertisements, amply demonstrating its strategy of aiming to quietly rise in stature while making revenue without confronting people’s eyes. Also they supports all of browsers including Firefox, Safari and Opera and communicates with users in their service blog

Mr. Byungkyu Jang, founder of Chutnoon was famous of various success story. He was founder and is 2nd stock holder for Neowiz (KOSDAQ: 042420). His first success was “Oneclick” software that offered an automatic internet connection via SLIP/PPP for dial-up modem. He matched this with online game such as Lineage. Neowiz made a lot of money with meter rate. And 2nd’s is web based chatting service, SayClub . They sold cyber characters called “Avatar”. Most of users wanted to express themselves with cyber items in chat room and Neowiz earned high profit to sell them. Its business model was spreaded in all of korean internet company including Cyworld’s Dotori. He has managed this business in Neowiz and Chutnoon is his third challenge.

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