Wednesday May 3, 2006 11:21

Ajax/Flash Workshop by Jania

Posted by Channy Yun

Mr. Kyuyoung Kang gives leactures in Ajax/Flash Workshop of Bizdeli and in May. 3th. He is a consultant of Agile Counsulting and expert for Java, XP and Ajax and TDD. He was a speaker of Web Application Workshop 2006 and Ajax Workshop 2005.

In this workshop, it treats file upload, TCP/IP communication, animation, control for camera, mic and soundbetween Ajax and Flash. He will give a demonstration with programming code on the spot. As followings are agenda of this workshop

Part 1. Flash/Ajax Coupling
* Flash, Actionscript (10m)
* Ajax, Javascript(10m)
* Flash/Ajax Coupling (5m)
* Flash/Ajax Examples (10m)
* Cookie sharing between IE and Firefox (10m)

Part 2. File Upload
* HTTP’s file upload (10m)
* Flash’s file upload (10m)
* Flash/Ajax file upload client (30m)

Part 3. TCP/IP based chatting
* Ajax based chatting (10m)
* Flash’s XML based communication (10m)
* Flash/Ajax chatting service (30m)

Part 4. Multimedia Ajax
* Camera/Mic Control (10m)
* Sound Control (10m)
* Vector Animation (10m)

Also he made a screencast JavaScript with test-driven development for realtime debugging and testing. You can see an implementation of fibonacci series with javascript. It is used JsUnit made by him.

You can see another screencast for javascript logging.

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