Sunday May 1, 2005 04:12


Posted by Channy Yun

The Allblog is the korean meta blog site. It’s simliar with Technorati based on blogger’s subscription model. But, Allblog treats a blog entry as like news article so it looks like newspaper site. As you know, Technorati is based on blog search services.

Allblog offer various good functions for bloggers. 1) signboard: one promotes own short thought and story within 10 words. 2) Popular entry: you can see top ten papular entry in realtime within 2 hours and yesterday. 3) Podcast: you can hear only podcast feed from Medialog menu. Also you can see korean tags, korean issue in various area (politics, entertainment, etc).

Allblog collects 8,800 feeds and has over 730,000 articles in March, 2006. Many of general korean bloggers use portal based blog services as like Naver Blog, Daum Blog and Yahoo! Korea Blog etc.

Most of them use it for collecting informations from news site or expert blog by scrapping or personal diary such as delicious food, friends, family and pet etc. But, the allblog targets opinion leaders that write their thought for various subjects. So although there are million bloggers in korea, the number of feeds is below 10,000. Anyway many bloggers visits this site for others thought and catch the trend.

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