Wednesday May 9, 2007 18:06

Allblog disconnects to Naver

Posted by Channy Yun

Allblog made a bombshell announcement to end stategic partnership with Naver. It has offered registered feed data to Naver search engine by a contract between Allblog and Naver. So many blogs registered in Allblog were showed in searh results in Naver. Most of them are independent blogs such as Tattertools, WordPress and Egloos. Before offering of Allblog, Naver’s blog search was limited to own blogs.

But, Allblog often complained the low ranking rather than Naver’s own blogs in search result. They thought it’s result of artificial editing by Naver and often claimed these problems. But, Naver’s reaction was not transparent and reasonable for Allblog. So they concluded it’s not helpful to continue partnership with Naver for Allblog’s customers.

Many people concerned that Naver is pretty big company and Allblog is just startup and are interested whether Allblog can be succeeded without relationship with Naver or not.

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