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Alternative Languages Festival 2006

Posted by Channy Yun

The Alternative Languages Festival 2006 was held in Sep. 1th~3th in Vivaldy Park during 3 days. About 200 people were joined this conference.

It’s the first korean style unconference to share informations about minor programming lanuages by korean software engineers. It included Ruby, Haskell, Mathematica, Lisp, Small Talk, Object C, J language, Io language, F#, Curl, Lua as well Java, Python, C#.

There were simple tutorials for each languages. Paticipators can understand an introduction of them. If they want to know them in detail, they can learn them via language exchanges.

[Small Talk’s Tutorial]

Open Space Technology
Open Space Technology (OST) is, among other things, a way to convene people for a conference, retreat or meeting. “Technology” in this case means ‘tool’ – a process; a method. This method has been used all over the world by thousands of practitioners for groups of people from 5 to over 2000. This is general unconference style of discussion for specific themes. Anyone can make own schedule on conference slot.

Language Exchanges
Experts of a specific language teaches everyone to learn this one on spot. Paticipators must learn many languages until finishing conference. Someone is the Ruby’s expert. He becomes a teacher for Ruby. After class, if a student solves simple problems such as to make multiplication table and to sum from 1 to N, a teacher gives a language sticker to him. Everage persons gain 2 or 3 stickers on their name card.

If your language?
The “If your language” is very funny session. It is similar with a program of Lightweight Language Day & Night in Japan. Experts of each langauges are on stage with their laptop. If it is given a specific problem, each expert suggests source code with own language. Other can give an another solution better than that. And it can be discussed of merits and faults of language by experts. The audience can enjoy languages and codes with this program.

Many of software enginners felt a freedom of languages and free conference by enjoyable program.

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