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BarCamp Seoul, the Fountain of Passion

Posted by Channy Yun

The BarCamp Seoul was held at a meeting room of Daum Communications Corp. in Seoul, Korea on Dec. 21th. 2006. Over 40 guys came to this meeting. It was very cool and passionate. Also all of people gave a speech for various subject from web 2.0 to developer’s life. This meeting was divided into 4 session and proceeded 30 minutes speech. It was a place of the most voluntary participators in korean internet industry.

As followings are some of subject to be talked in there.

1. WIPI based on Mobile Mashup, WAXP와 Lifelog, Jonghong Jeon
2. CSS Zoom & Fluid Layout, Hyeonseok Shin
3. Rethinking Web & Web 2.0, PRAK
4. Naver map & Congnamul map & Cyworld map on Google earth, Aero
5. Enterprise 2.0, Wooseung Kim
6. My job for web standards, Suman Park
7. Paticipative Culture in Party, Sewon Kim
8. My book publishing using LaTeX in Egloos Blog, Jinyoung Hur
9. Ajax Application Test using Selenium, Kyuyoung Kang
10. Structure Designing with Component System, Hyeongjin Cho
11. Fish & xMind, Sujeong Park
12. Microsoft from the Inside, charlz
13. New UGC Delivery Channel, Kitae Lee
14. Longtail Players, hyokon
15. Web2.0 Internet Marketing, Yeongtak Kim
16. Programmer Story, Junhoe Hur
17. Winter of Code, Changshin Lee
18. Web 2.0, Academia vs. Industry, Jaesun Han
19. Niche Market of UCC, Podcast, Minsub Song
20. Daum DNA, OpenAPI, Lens, Sangkil Park
21. Hybrid Collaboration Model on the Web, Taewoo
22. 2K6-2K7 Hacking Trend, Hyeonjung Shin
23. Music Collobaration using Internet, Byeongho Lee
24. TatterTools and Tistory, Jeongseok Noh
25. Web Server Arcitecture for UX, Heeseong Lee
26. Blog, Search & Link, Seongphil Oh
27. Content Sharing Architecture: Three UGC Models, Hanseok Ryu

You can see all of photos via Flickr barcampseoul tag and all of video clips in

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