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Posted by Channy Yun

The Korean first meta-blog site, will be relaunched braking a gap of two years in July 17, 2007. The meta-blog site means news style-blog gateway based on blogger’s subscription and crawling of their RSS feeds. It started in 2003 and most of early bloggers registered Its outset is concerned by many blogger fans who miss old friend.

In 2004, the number of registered bloggers is over 3000 and there were the latest new article by unique bloggers. It was different from foreign blog search engine such as Technorati or IceRocket. Even though all of them are based on subscription of RSS feeds, BlogKorea didn’t crawl bloger’s site by search bots and offered the latest and highest recommended articles as like or NewsVine.

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But, it’s just volunteer-based services and there was not professional support. In result, it lost all article saved in database of unexpected outage. After a few days, was coincidentally opened with similar interface of BlogKorea. Allblog had new interface and good function rather than BlogKorea. So many of bloggers moved to Allblog. At last, BlogKore was little more than a name. Yes, it’s sad story.

The brand of BlogKorea was sold to OhMyNews, the famous online citizenship news site in January 2007. But there was no good action and result, so it was sold to MediaU again. Jisun Lee, CEO of MediaU announced the plan of relaunching of BlogKorea in June.

She has various background from news reporter to PR manager, finally studied in US and examined changes of new Internet marketing. Especially blogging culture was attractive to her. MediaU announced to prepare blog advertisement, consulting of enterprise marketing based on in launching party.

Early bloggers already were good at using Allblog. Even if they delighted to relaunch it, I cannot commit myself whether BlogKorea gains blogger’s attention or not.

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