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Broadband Effects

Posted by Channy Yun

Do you know Korean broadband effects? The broadband effect means social trends and changes originated from widely usage of broadband internet. Most of Korean exposed in this environment using Internet for social activities and communications.

SayClub (1998~1999)
The Sayclub was success chatting sites from 1998 to 2000. Many users were good at chatting services in closed communication system via modem as like Hitel, Chollian in same of AOL, Compuserve in US. But, opened anonymous chatting service was popular within early internet users.

Most of internet users in Korea joined this site and its traffic was over portal sites. Sayclub got an economic success by selling avatars and digital items such as cloths, glasses and hats for decoration of avatars. Users bought them to show their nice characteristics to avatars on chatting. A success of avatar effected all of korean web sites and success of Cyworld in future.

But, it was deteriorated to the scene of a crime on prostitution. Man sought woman to be cyber sex or real sex. Some of them included under age. So it caused first social debates for internet harmfulness. Sayclub is not wide right now. But, this example similar with Myspace’s problems.

I Love School (1999~2001)
The I Love School was first online alumni service that connects people over graduated own elementary, middle and high school per the same year and class. Almost most of internet users in Korea registered in iloveshool to know news of their classmates such as Facebook in US right now. They didn’t finish giving regards to their old friends found by online. At that time, offline alumni meetings were held in every weekend in every restaurant in Korea. It was likely fever to them.

Also there was bad effects. For example, someone found ones first lover in school and met each other. It caused troubles between married couple. Now iloveschool was sunken and is not popular for users. But, it effects various social network services, Damoim and Cyworld.

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BugsMusic and Soribada (2000~2002)
Broadband gives wide distribution of big size data. The streaming and P2P are representative example of this.

Bugs Music is the famous Korean music streaming services. It means streaming audio on demand to choose favorite songs and lists by users and is different with internet radio service such as But, it caused legal trials and debates with many music companies because of no acceptance of copyrighters and no legal clauses in old copyright laws. So similar services was made such as Muzcast, MaxMp3 and

But, users could listen to their chosen favorite music with unlimited time and places if they had a computer connected broadband internet. Finally, it changed the paid service of 3 dollars per month in 2003 by agreement between service providers and music companies. It was very reasonable price for users. This agreement made more music streaming services based on big companies It includes Melon by SK Telecom, Disirak by KTF, JukeOn by Neowiz and Funcake by IRiver.

Soribada is the first Korean peer-to-peer system. It started service in 2000. Soribada has been referred to as “the Korean Napster” and literally means “Ocean of Sound.” (via Wikipedia)

Soribada was closed in 2002 by court order in legal claims with music copyrighters. After this, the program is still being distributed by Soribada, under the utility stipulations that they are not responsible for any of the files. After the trial, on November 5th, 2003, Soribada was reborn with the new company. On July, 2004, the Soribada website was renewed to become a P2P search portal. It also opened its paid MP3 service in December 2004. Soribada is still the most widely-used P2P system in Korea. The most recent version of Soribada is Soribada 3.0, which is downloadable at their website.

What’s future? Ubiquitous Effects
Korean broadband effects engaged recent successful korean web services such as Cyworld, Naver Knowledge In. High technologies are evolved to wide mobile services, DMB, Wibro, telematics and Digital Home. Also it effects Hilio of SK-Earthlink in US.

It will make Ubiquitous Effects in future.

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Herbert Johnson

September 24th, 2009 at 3:53 am

A very good find (your blog). I don’t run across info this good everyday.



October 11th, 2009 at 3:44 am

I am definetly adding this to my rss reader.


Darin Twist

March 31st, 2010 at 8:57 am

My first broadband experience wasn’t palatable at all. I had to keep on calling the Service Center of my provider several times to no avail. This made me to change my broadband provider at a time I least thought of doing so.

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