Thursday December 8, 2005 11:58

Daum’s BloggerNews

Posted by Channy Yun

Daum announced a news section operated by blogger’s articles in its own news site, Media Daum that is one of the top news aggregation service that most of Korean read online news.

It consists of the section for full news articles of traditional media including TV, magazines and newspapers offered by supply contract with fee and another sections by user-generated contents with reviews of TV show(TelZone), stories of revealing truth or discussion of public petitions(Agora) and reportage of world stories (Segyen).

The new service reflects of increasing blogger’s media power rather than traditional media, but Daum’s BloggerNews permits news publishing only to Daum’s Blog users, also before publishing, editors check out each articles to avoid legal issues.

Also Daum accepted applications of blogger reporters from Daum bloggers. Every week editors selected news beats by user’s impression and will give reward of one hundred bucks to selected bloggers. Because blogger news will be exposed in Daum’s front page, it will have similar reaction with typical news provided by traditional media.

Daum’s editors have a plan to teach how to write good article style such as writing skill, taking photograph and finding news resource. Its attempt is very similar with Ohmynews’s tryout.

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