Monday October 30, 2006 13:23

Daum Developers Network and Affilates

Posted by Channy Yun, the korean leading portal sites opened their web APIs and developer community named Daum DNA(Developers Network and Affiliates) on Oct. 28th, 2006. This is the second action following Naver’s Open APIs in korean portal leaders and it means entering competition for “web as platform” in Korea. Daum’s APIs includes eight services of search, blog, commerce, tour and auth APIs. The search APIs offers search results of Daum Cafe (korean famous forum services) and Blogs. Daum Blog APIs allow to write articles via XML-RPC and upload video clips.

Daum made a developer community sites for evangelism of their web APIs. They made a blog and started to communicate with korean 3rd party developers. Daum also promotes their open source development platform so called LAMJI (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Java and IDE-Subversion, Trac and Eclipse) and their community support such as Mozilla Korean Community, Tatter and Friends and Korea Tex User Group. In addition, it were offered technical reports written by Daum’s internal developers for various technical subjects. This strategy is very similar with Y!DN and Google Code.

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