Saturday June 2, 2007 18:00

Daum DevNight vs. Google DevDay

Posted by Channy Yun

As most of subscribers of this blog know my job in company, I’m web technical evangelist to offer Web APIs and support 3rd party developers and affiliates such as Yahoo! Developers Network and Google Code.

I organized Daum Developers Night to hack APIs and make prototype using them such as widgets, plug-ins and mashups. There was a similar event, Open Hack Day.

Accidentally the day is same with Google Developers Day in 10 cities of the world on May 31th. 2007. Some of Korean bloggers and reporters were invited to Mountain View and most people of Google Korea attended in Tokyo event. In Korea? Yes, there is Daum DevNight!

Over 50 developers were joined in my event in Daum HQ. It started in 6 pm with my opening keynote for Daum’s open API strategy. Next, Mr. Sangkil Park(aka. Likejazz) presented Daum’s new Ajax APIs including cafe search, RSS feeds etc. And we enjoyed Outback’s steak meal as a dinner.

Our passionate developers scattered to find 15 projects to make interesting prototype suggested by leading developers.

They started hard cording after making simple prototype storyboard in 9 pm. At 12 am, all people took a rest and matched each teams with WII game, tennis and boxing eating between meals. After enjoying rest, we started to make code again till 4 am. Each teams presented results of prototype within 10 minutes. There are the latest techniques such as Apollo AIR, Microsoft Sliverlight and Windows Gadget. Most of them are blog plug-ins and desktop widgets.

The Nitendo DS was offered as premiums to outstanding projects. They were tired to hard coding in all night, but we felt fruitful labors with passionate people.

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