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Daum Launched Videolog

Posted by Channy

The Daum Blog with 2 million blogs added personal video publishing in their blog site. It freely accepts to upload a video source under 100MB and offer an unlimited streaming. So it becomes to be popular for bloggers to limit bandwidth in their hosting company and they make a second blog in Daum. Already Naver Blog with 6.5 million blogs started videolog, but it’s based on Windows Media, but Daum has licensed the On2 Flix Engine.

This technology agreement enables to integrate a powerful video encoding solution for creating high-quality video content for Macromedia’s® Flash® Player 8 from Adobe. This is better than YouTube’s video and Google Video also transferred from shockwave to FLV8. As following is sample, if you do mouse over player, you can see still-cut in transition of movie and it directly plays that scene.

You can see others in Daum Blog and already Daum had TVPot, user-based video service similar with YouTube. Daum’s new videolog will be added to 6.1 million of Daum Cafe in the first half of this year. (Daum Cafe is similar with Yahoo! Groups and it has been very popular in korean community.)

Online video service in korea Most of korean is very familar with online video services, for example all broadcasters include KBS, MBC and SBS offer VOD services of all dramas and programs. They’re updated in a hour or a day. People can view that by paying only 50 cents per program. Some of community offer video services. Also there are some video community such as, a remarkable personal video sites and Damoim. I’ll soon introduce Afreeca, a personal desktop broadcastiong service. This is one of broadband life style.

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