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Daum Pie

Posted by Channy Yun

The Daum Pie is very unique service sharing photos. Someone makes a frame as like puzzle so called “Pie” for specific theme, anyone puts photo to fix in a frames. If every frames are done by people, the Pie completed. So Pie can be called a collaborative photo sharing service. Daum started this site on September 28th, 2005. But, people became to feel fun with another.

Let’s see a completed pie about japanese foods. You just click a photo to see a big image.

There is another example. It’s very popular that 5 people made a photo mosaic for korean idol star, Minhye Cho in August, 8th. There are 3,416 comments and 493,105 view counts in a week. It’s amazing!.

Most of pies contain various photos of famous actors, singers and TV dramas and movies, fashion, sports and funny things. It’s over 140,000 a number of pies made by users for a year. (If a pie contain 50 photos in average, it will be 7 million photos.)

Pie offers three type of frames. A mosaic is very popular and consist of a rectangular lattice cells that can be merged.

The other is photo memo on board with a relay race. Another is a comparative chart for various concept such as confrontation, superiority, inferiority and similarity

It’s very good concept to play together with photos in online. So Naver announced a similar service named Naver Mosaic in July, 2006.

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July 15th, 2007 at 8:37 am

thanks for the info.
i’m thinking of creating a pie-like site for US audience, but I didn’t quite get the idea.
Like you said, one person will create the pie on a particular theme with a certain number of cells, let say 5×5. What if there are 50 people submitting their pictures? We have only 25 spots, what happen to the rest of the pix? Are they first come first serve?

thanks for your help.

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