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Posted by Channy Yun

The Daum is first korean web based RSS reader services offered by Daum Communications (KOSDAQ 035720, owner of Unfortunately only daum user can access its homepage. Screenshot it as following.

The offers same functions with Bloglines and is easy to read rss feeds. But, there are some controversy about copyright in korean blogosphere about I quote Mr. Yum’s opnion about that.

There has a lot of discussion recently about Daum’s new service, RSSNet. A lot of bloggers are unhappy with this service as they feel that Daum is violating copyright laws by letting RSSNet users to view RSS feeds of their blogs. So, some of the bloggers are asking RSSNet to not aggregate their RSS feeds. While I’m trying to understand views expressed some Korean bloggers, I’m having a hard time.

I know that Daum’s RSSNet has made some mistakes in how it displays the content from RSS feeds. Daum has already started to make these changes. However, I want everyone to understand that the fundamental reason for providing RSS feeds is to make it easier for your readers to read your blog without having to visit your blog everyday. Daum is providing a tool for the readers to read blogs in a simple way. If you are asking your RSS feed to be removed from RSSNet, then you are telling your loyal readers that they must visit your blog to read your content. This doesn’t seem right to me. Anyone asking Daum to remove his/her RSS feed should not be allowed to use RSS reader. Why should he be able to read RSS feeds of his favorite blogs via RSS readers if he is not allowing his readers to read his blog via RSSNet.

I really hope all these blogggers who are talking copyright issues are not being hypocritical. I hope these people have never downloaded a MP3 file via P2P application. I hope these people have never copied (펌) content from a news site or other blogs to their own blogs. I hope these people can honestly say that they have not broken any copyright laws.

If you really don’t want to share your content with the public, then do not offer RSS feeds. If you use a hosted blogging service from one of the major portals in Korea, such as Paran, Naver, Empas, Yahoo, etc., then complain to these portals and ask them to not offer RSS feeds. But in my humble opinion, you will be the one who is losing out by doing this.

BTW, I’m sure Daum is actually very thankful that everyone is making so much fuss about RSSNet. It’s basically a free promotion for its service.

Many bloglines users changed their reader to in Korea. But, it’s very unconvinient and complex user interface and slow to get feeds, so many users returned back to Bloglines again.

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