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Feedmil, the longtail blog feed search

Posted by Channy Yun

I’m also heavy RSS reader with over 200 feeds and it’s hard to track many famous blogs. Strangely I found sometimes that good blogs were hidden with no influence and rare good qualified posting. So I added them and instead removed newspaper-like blogs that publish many articles per day to keep proper numbers RSS feeds following up.

Recently how to find good feeds is very important to me. Now I’m studying in Ph.D course and one of my professors focused on this issue and made feed search engine so called I used this for a month in closed beta and found some good feeds in my favorite topics. is a long tail of feeds to find good feeds for given topics. It analyzed millions blog feeds in the world and classified by popularity, quality, relavance and blog media type such as podcast, video, photo and micro blog (twitter) and social media(Facebook) and so on.


The search process itself can be refined by way of a provided slider that will let you set a popularity range from “Surprising” to “Well-known”. By this way, you will have a chance to check feeds that few people have heard about, and you can also discover popular feeds that for some reason or the other you had failed to notice before.

Feeds exist in everywhere in social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed as well as blog. Feedmil’s approach is similar with Technorati’s, but it focused only feeds that easily can be tracked.

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