Thursday September 15, 2005 04:35

First Ajax Workshop

Posted by Channy Yun

AJAX Seminar

I prepare UI Innovation, Ajax Workshop suggested by This workshop is first public workshop about Ajax.


1. Introduction of Ajax and Web Application Techniques (Channy Yun, Daum Communications)
– What’s Ajax?
– Ajax Examples: Google Maps, Gmail, Google Suggest, Daum, Etc.
– Web Application: Flex, XAML, Widget, Firefox Extensions, Dash Board

2. Ajax Programming (Byeonkwon Park, Daum Communications)
– XMLHttpRequest
– Client side programming
– Communication with server
– DOM Scripting
– Practical examples

3. Ajax Troubleshooting (Kyuyoung Kang, Daum Communications)
– Javascript Debugging
– Browser Compatiblity
– Performance of DOM Scripting
– Usability
– Javascript : Test Driven Develpment
4. Q&A

Three lecturers of this workshop work in Daum and they developed Ajax based service in this year. Mr. Park published Ajax lecture notes serially in monthly Microsoftware and is interested in Ruby on Rails. Mr. Kang is interested in Ajax and agile programming and published a korean version of Test-driven Development of Kent Beck.

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