Tuesday July 26, 2005 04:23

First CSS Layout Seminar in Korea

Posted by Channy Yun

I’m happy to introduce first korean css layout seminar with korea.internet.com in July 5th, 2005. The name of workshop is Web Design Strategy using CSS Layout. Over 250 people attended this workshop.

1. Why Web Standard? (13:30~14:20) Channy Yun
2. XHTML and Semantic Markup (14:30~15:30) Sungno Lee
3. CSS Layout (15:40~16:40) Jiyoon Jang
4. CSS Layout Examples (16:50~18:00) Hyeonseok Shin

Many people were intrested in web standard and xhtml/css design for web sites. So there are many questions about that in Q&A session and it finished over 7 p.m.

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