Monday June 12, 2006 10:15

Fon Korea Launched.

Posted by Channy Yun

Fon Korea launched in Jun. 10th in Korea. FON is the largest WiFi community in the world, open to anyone who wishes to unite and connect to the Internet for free from any corner of the world without cables. It’s very significant warning for most of broadband providers in Korea. As you know, there are many wireless access point in home and work as well as you can catch them in any streets in Seoul.

Fon Korea also announced to sell Buffalo WHR-G54S enabled Fon firmware for 5 dollars with limit of 1,000. Korean bloggers congratulates Fon Korea Blog to launch it. Fon is very simple idea: enjoy WiFi technology everywhere across a WiFi infrastructure built by same members of the FON Community. It’s free and you have broadband connection and to download our software onto your router. This converts your router into a FON Social Router. If you do not have a router that is compatible with FON’s software, you can purchase one of our subsidized FON Social Routers at our online store.

Fon Korea is managed by Dr. Jin Ho Hur, the Founder, President and CEO of Bluemine Media Corp, a web 2.0-based shopping portal service company, founded in 2005. Dr. Hur also founded Iworld Holdings Limited, a pan-Asian regional Internet infrastructure management service provider (MSP), in February 2000.

He founded Inet, Inc., the first non-carrier Internet service provider (ISP) in Korea in 1995, which was acquired by PSINet in 1998. Dr. Hur, a key player in the Asia-Pacific regional Internet community, founded and served as the Chairman of Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA) in 1997, the first Internet service-related trade association in the Asia Pacific region.

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