Monday May 3, 2010 02:28

Google’s Textcube goes to Deadpool

Posted by Channy Yun

Two years ago, Google acquired a Korean startup, TNC with, open source based blogging platform similar with After the announcement of acquisition, there were two prospects recovering local search power with blogging service and giving synergy effects to

But, Google noticed will be integrated to Blogger soon. Because two sites are completely different, in fact, it means that will be closed and user’s data must be migrated to was popular growing blogger platform and had many alpha bloggers in Korea. So there were over 200 comments and trackbacks and most of them were negative to Google’s unfaithful direction.

We have made innovative functions of and tried to move them to Blogger. For example, we played important part to make Blogger Template Desinger…. It is good example to contribute Blogger’s innovation and we want to offer efficient and useful services by concentrating on Blogger only… For smooth intergration, a new registartion of is closed in right now.

In fact, I guessed Textcube will be Google’s dead ducks as like Dodgeball, Jaiku and Zingku. But, many alpha bloggers supported Google’s decision and Textcube’s internalization because its platform is very excellent. Now they were disappointed and move to another services. (Actually Daum’s Tistory supports TTXML format and Textcube users can move their data to Tistory.)

It became another proof that Google is not successful to grow social communication and content-generating after buying services. The Web is not only composed by “information”, which it has been made by human and “communication” called by the media power is one of important part of Web. I think it is the most weak point of Google.

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