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HTML5 Getting Popular in Korea

Posted by Channy Yun

The HTML5 has been a famous technology by the promotion of Google and debates on Flash in iPhone between Steve Jobs and Adobe. Most of modern web browsers have supported not only HTML5 itself including new markup as like canvas, audio/video and webform but also surrounding technologies including various JavaScript APIs: DOM storage, Geo-location, Web Socket and Web Worker etc.

Globally it will be essential for web developers because the market share of non-IE browser reached over 50%. But, although Korea has been a situation of IE-monocluture under 2% share, the HTML5 are widely spreading into Korean web developers too. What happen in here?

iPhone, Android and mobile web
Last year, iPhone was released in Korea on December as almost final country. For several month, over 0.5 millions iPhone were sold and mobile Safari reached 1% market share in Korea. So there were many interests to support mobile web with HTML5.

As well, Samsung and LG pushed many Android devices against iPhone in local market as like Samsung Galaxy and LG Optimizer. Google Chrome is also good supporter for HTML5. It means HTML5 can be applied in the first development of mobile web.

Actually Korean mobile web has been under the fire because big telecommunication company dominated their wireless networks with their closed services. The iPhone was the first step to open their wireless network in real.

HTML5 open conference
It was held the first HTML5 Open Conference in Korea organized by Web Standards Korea and several communities on July 2th. 2010. Over 600 seat was sold in 24 hours after opening registration.

It covered the introduction of HTML5, new markup and webform, CSS3, Javascript APIs and mobile support by five speakers. You can see and download video files.

HTML5 free guide
As well, a Korean HTML5 Guidebook was written for web developers to learn basic concepts of HTML5 and to adopt it into the mobile web application in direct. It was made by five speakers of this conference too.

It has five sections of introduction, markup of HTML5, CSS3, HTML5 APIs and the mobile application development in iPhone. This book has 170 pages (A4 format) or 206 pages (Letter format). Now, you can download A4 printable size download HTML5 Guidebook under Creative Commons License.

In result, two HTML5 books were already released and some books are waiting translation including Introducing HTML5. Also several developer communities were made as like WebDevMobile and HTML5 user group.

As a HTML5 evangelist from 2007 in Korea, I’m very glad to see its real actions from web developers and expect more HTML5 based mobile web applications with good user experiences and it effects desktop web environment too.

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