Monday May 1, 2006 02:07 Launched!

Posted by Channy Yun

Welcome to the renamed my old blog of “Channy’s Web 2.0 in Korea”. This blog was my priavte blog in english because, as you know, it’s my poor english. In fact, there were small stories until Jan. Oneday Mr. Adam Kightley ask me why I didn’t update my blog. Wow, there was a reader! I was very impressed for his comment.

I am very happy to hear that you will write something in English again soon. I know it can be hard work to write in another language, so I am very grateful for any effort you make. I work in Korea for a British organisation and I am very interested in learning about the unique nature of the ‘Korean web’. Blogs like yours are very useful for this…Mar.15 from Adam

So I decided to restart to do it and wrote to him. I wanted to make a proper name for this blog. There are many candidates such as aka Channy’s Web2.0 in Korea, Korea Web2.0 Review honored to China Web2.0 Review, Korea Trails (I like it too) and KoreaCrunch honored to Techcrunch. Someone worry about using of “crunch” of Techcrunch that became a legendary blog in Web 2.0 world. But, I wanted to honor this name. Mike has known my old blog since last year. I wanted to find an invitation of Pandora Beta from him in last year and I connected with him.

…Nice to meet you Channy. Thank you for reading. Keep me updated on any new stuff going on in Korea that I should blog about. Korea is absolutely the cutting edge of the internet right now…in Sep. 9, 2005 from Mike

After my decision, I wanted to get his acceptance of using “crunch” and wrote to him that sought his understanding before a month. May he was awareness of my decision. He kindly replied to me after starting in last week.

Channy, blog looks great. good luck with it. Also, ping me with stuff that you find!… from Mike

Thanks, Mike. You’re great.

Also, Changwon, a friend in Samsung started a blog of Web 2.0 Asia. Congratuations! In this year, there are many Web 2.0 activities in Korea. Because Korea has been widely penetrated in broadband, so it was originated many unique cultural chracteristics. I called it broadband effects, some of chracters in web 2.0 such as user-generated contents, user participation, social network and collective intelligence.

I want to let you know these effects. Korea is testbed of internet. Do you dream using high speed internet in a running car of highway? It’s realized in Korea in “Wibro” (aka Wimax). You exprienced various moblie and ubiquitous things of broadband internet in Korea. These will be helpful to next vision of Web 2.0.

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Ashton Cox

July 11th, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Wimax offer more bandwidth and more services than traditional microwave communications. ~.”

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