Saturday August 14, 2010 01:20

Korean President Debuted Twitter

Posted by Channy Yun

Korean President Lee, Myung-bak surprisingly debuted Twitter’s world. The Blue house of Korea has own verified account @BluehouseKorea, but he didn’t send a tweet himself.

Today he visited online communication team and sent his tweets himself and replied to several mentions by people. He wanted to type a keyboard by himself and enjoyed watching responses of people.

Some people told “Don’t tell a lie. Are you real?”, he replied “don’t suspect me. If it’s fake, it’ll be headline news” and uploaded a photo of him on tweeting.

Korean Twitter users are growing and reached over 100 millions. According to analysis of the tweet production, Japan is now No. 2, at 18 percent, while Indonesia has 10 percent of daily messages and South Korea has 2 percent.

Actually Presidential tweeting is not rare. In case of President Obama, he admitted in November 2009 that he had “never used Twitter”, which came as a disappoint to avid Twitterers–and his more than 3 million followers on Twitter.

But, he has sent his first Tweet on January 18, during a visit to the American Red Cross headquarters in D.C., the President finally posted his first Twitter update. Also Russian President Medvedev sendt his first tweet on @kremlinrussia_e at Twitter HQ in his U.S visiting on January. As well as, ex-Prime Minister Hatoyama was famous of Japanese Twitter top position.

Presidents seems to like Twitter to allow to contact with people directly whether it’s communication gesture or not.

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