Sunday December 21, 2008 04:25

Low attention for Asian web 2.0 blogs

Posted by Channy Yun

My blog has been very long silence and its rare posting will be sorry for my “thankful” readers. Although I declared restarting of blogging, I could not keep my promise. One of reasons is still to focus my Korean blog. Another is because of low attention for Korean market from global audiences.

As you know, some of guys made “Open Web Asia” work group gathering Asian bloggers to write their own market such as China, Korea, Japan and others. In October, the international conference also was held in Seoul, Korea. I respects these efforts to spread Asian activities to world because this blog also has same purpose.

But, I felt it’s very hard to do that. According to the statistics of, Most of representative blogs have very low attention from global readers although CK’s blog had a temporary popularity by Google’s buying his company. They have almost 1,000~3,000 unique visitors per month.

Recently I read a story of cultural collision about Silicon Valley and Europe between Michael Arrington and Loic Le Meur caused by LeWeb08’s Gilmore Gang panel. Though the controversy was focused on work-life balance, I think major point was the size of market. Valley has very high density of workaholics and money for one US market.

On the contrary Europe is very different market with different nations and languages although it seems like one market. Still the success in US doesn’t mean the success in global. (Myspace, Facebook still are based on US.) Most of Valley success stories are not global success.

I think Europe has still important possibility despite of claiming by Mike for their work culture rather than US. CrunchVision shows up Europe has meaningful numbers of startups. But, Asian is very small yet and it proves that it’s very hard to pay attention to Asian market. Here is the source of trouble to continue my blogging.

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Max C

December 21st, 2008 at 2:12 pm

It would interesting to hear more about the reasons why startups aren’t faring well in Korea, though I guess it could make for quite a negative blog!


Digital Media & Creative Communication: South Korea » Are Asian 2.0 blogs not getting enough attention?

March 8th, 2009 at 3:42 am

[…] generating interest, the very opposite phenomenon is highlighted in Channy’s post touching on low attention for Asian Web 2.0 blogs. Channy is a prolific Korean blogger over at Korea Crunch. He has numerous other English blogs […]

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