Friday March 2, 2007 04:08

Mashup Camp! Wrap-up

Posted by Channy Yun

The Daum and Naver were co-hosted the Korea Mashup Contest 2007 that find out good services mashed by Open APIs. For unfamiliar developers about Open APIs, there was Mashup camp in Yonsei Univ., Seoul on Feb 25th and KAIST in Daejeon. on Mar. 1th.

Before the noon, API developers of Daum and Naver directly instructed over 70 participators about transaction of XML-RPC, REST and parsing of RSS, JSON and XML. After lunch, there are small five project to practice mash-up coding using Daum and Naver’s APIs.

Most of participators enjoyed talking and coding with API developers and made a good results to improve primary projects. Someone made an OpenID gateway and Daum Auth APIs, and another team transfered photos of mobiles phone to a certain location in Google and Naver maps in realtime.

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