Thursday March 29, 2007 02:38

MTS07: 2nd. Day Wrap-up

Posted by Channy Yun

It’s 2nd. day for MTS07. First session is Michael Howard’s, 15years security guy in Microsoft. He introduced Security Development Lifecycle in MS and some of educational courseworks. My interest is out of security in software development. Please check out summary articles of Ben Galbraith, Bryan Hansen and Travisswicegood.

Next, it’s my favorite session by Sam Ramji about OSS at Microsoft that I already wrote.

And Sanjay Parthasarathy, CVP of Developer and Platform Evangelism gave a speech about Microsoft’s evangelism for long time since 1995. He introduced Channel 10 for power customers with Channel 9 for all of developers. Please check out summary articles of Ben Galbraith and Travisswicegood again.

I already wrote introduction of II7 by Bill Staples and Carlos Aguilar. It’s great time to me.

Joe Stagner talked about overview of ASP.NET and Atlas, web application development tool for Ajax based on .NET. In detail, check out another blog posts too: Ben Galbraith, Travisswicegood and“Dion”).

Also there is very interesting session about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) by Celso Gomes, Designer. He introduced preview of Windows Expression Blend. Despite there are a few designer, he excellently demoed Blend to us. He gave the step-by-step tutorial to make 2D and 3D animation and slideshow with Microsoft Expression Blend. The demo clips is now available captured by me.

Finally, Jason Mauer introduced XNA the marketing term for “Next generation game development platform for PC and XBox 360. It’s funny XNA is Not an Acronym. XNA want to make YouTube on online games without lawsuit. He presented a game example developed in PC. It was executed on XBOX after connecting PC and downloading from there.

After all session, I went go Microsoft Visitor Center ans Corporate Store. All attendee could buy employee price all of Microsoft products limited in USD 120. Windows Vista (HE) is just 20 dollars, XBOX is 190 and Zone is 250. I bought some of gift for my kids and Microsoft Presenter and USB box with a logo of Windows Mobile.

I was really good time with Microsoft guys who let me know useful knowledge and impressed demos. In night time, I talked Sam and his team member about Firefox on Vista and local efforts and cooperation during short time.

Thanks for Sam! He let me know some great news related in web standards. It’s secret for some day.

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