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MTS07: Open Source at Microsoft

Posted by Channy Yun

It was most favorite session to me. Sam Ramji of OSS Lab introduced activities of his lab and colleagues. You can see his dialog with attendees in detail.

Firstly He said “In 1995, Microsoft was the company that missed the Internet. In 2005, I don’t think you could say that. It was the company that missed open-source. In 2015, I don’t think you’re going to be able to say that. That’s my vision and the timeline I’m working on.” I want to do that.

Sam emphasized interoperablity between Windows Platform and various open source softwares. Most of customers have felt difficulties between them. They have tried to solve these problem with various equipment and resources.

He also expressed the change of Microsoft toward Open Source with Penguin image.

He let us know recent projects by OSS Lab such as Virtual Server 2005 R2, Jboss- JDBC driver, Samba/Vista, IP/SEC, PHP on IIS, Mozilla Firefox/Vista, Novel Interop. Many people asked about Samba and Open XML that were very sensitive issue to Microsoft.

I’m very interested in Firefox on Vista. Their activities may be helpful to Korean ActiveX issues. He said they are willing to contribute source code to Mozilla if Firefox users can feel more comfortable in Vista rather than WinXP. It can be recognized Microsoft are platform company again.

Especially it was revealed in case of PHP on IIS. Nowadays 70% of web applications are developed under PHP. It cannot help supporting PHP community. It seems that he troubled to optimize PHP on IIS with Zend and community. (Of course, IIS7 solved these problem with caching and module of fast-cgi.)

I recognized there has been various change in OSSLab in MS since 2004. I thought OSSLab was gesture of change, but Microsoft completely has been utilized Open Source. Maybe it’s very scared to all players, I think.

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June 24th, 2008 at 5:20 pm

Is this Really true that Microsoft is working on “Open Source”

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