Wednesday May 3, 2006 06:16

Naver Blink

Posted by Channy Yun

Naver launched Naver Blink, a social bookmark service for blog posts. Blink is based tagging, but it guides four actions to make tags to 1) like, 2) buy, 3) do something and 4) go somewhere. User can make tag to do “web 2.0 study” or buy “digital camera”. In fact, most of blog posts in korea were not tagged. So it will be helpful to categorize and find a blog posts.

It opens to all blogger not limit to Naver’s blog. If you are a blogger, you can add your post to blink’s tag via trackback such as It’s similar ping to other blog post and sync to RSS engines. Each tag has members to add blog posts and bookmarks. Posts are listed by date and a number of recommendation.

Naver is the largest blog service provider in Korea and has over 6 million blogs and 150 million posts. Most of posts are only scrapped by media news or other blogger’s articles because most of users think blog means a personal storage to add daily informations. (Of course there are some bloggers add to own opinions and write own content.) Maybe Naver want to collect good posts form them and outside of Naver through user’s collabration.

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October 10th, 2007 at 9:56 pm

[…] However, despite the participatory DNA of Korean people, when it comes down to web 2.0 services, especially the most famous one as social bookmarking, localization(or transplant) has not been very successful. As Web 2.0 started to gain attention in Korea early this year, there were attempts to implement both by gigantic portals and individuals. They were Naver Blink, Nate Mini Channel and Yet, none of them delivered significant impact on the market so far. […]


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October 10th, 2007 at 10:08 pm

[…] Naver Blink […]

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