Thursday April 19, 2007 17:20

Open ID Boom-up

Posted by Channy Yun

Interests related to OpenID has been increased in Korea. After, the first Korean OpenID provider, two providers were opened personal-driven identity service. One of them is by Initech that is very famous of the PKI based security company. The IDpia want to differentiate itself from other services with relationship between OpenID and real-world authentication such as mobile one-time password, personal certification with consumer credit information companies and national PKI system.

The other is by Ahnlab that is also famous of Internet vaccine software company. Mr. Chulsoo Ahn, the founder of Anhlab has studied about venture investment in Silicon Valley after retirement. It seems for him to give a spirit to his company to make Web 2.0 start-up services. In fact, Ahnlab built a new team for start-up services, and made, a style news site.

Another guys made that converts Daum AuthAPI to OpenID. Using this, you can have own OpenID with Daum’s ID system. It’s an one example of mashup with OpenAPI and OpenID.

Also some of start-up services let user to use only OpenID such as Me2day, for micro-blogging and SpringNote, a personal WIKI and Lifepod, Ajax-based calendar. You can find more web sites to support OpenID.

Early IT movers in Korea are surely interested in a concept of Identity 2.0, but major change will be done if it is supported by big players such as Daum and Naver. I think some people think that OpenID will be another platform service in future. Yes, it is, but users cannot help choosing more trustable providers, and the best thing among them is roaming possible desktop identity system such as Microsoft CardSpace and Firefox OpenID.

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