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Open Web2Con

Posted by Channy Yun

In Korea, some bloggers want to launch free unconference style meeting against expensive, invitation-only event such as web2summit. It’s very similar with Web2.2 the point is people. So it was new style event organized by volunteers.

Open Web2con advocated speaking of web 2.0 by the user, of the user and for the user. Some companies sponsored this meeting, so it was held in a meeting room of Microsoft Korea on Nov 18th. 2006. It contained two agenda such as 1) media 2.0 2) web 2.0 monetization.

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For media 2.0, Mr. Myeong, Seungeun spoke a new role of traditional media companies in web 2.0 and blog journalism. He works at Maeil Kyungje, a korean economic newspaper. His focus of media 2.0 is the hybrid of media power between traditional and blog journalism. Mr. Junsung Ko gave an example of blog journalism, the system of blogger reporters of Media Daum that offers news aggregation of media companies such as Yahoo! News. The blog user of Daum can send their article to a section of Media Daum, so it was very successful and has great influence on every areas. Page views of some of articles were over 1 million. Authors became very popular. That’s power of combination between traditional and new media as like blog journalism.

Second agenda was web 2.0 monetization. Some of web 2.0 start-up companies discussed this agenda. Each people spoke their business models and success and failure of them. It included Mr. Jonghwa Kim, CEO of Wingbus and Mr. Youngwook Park, CEO of Allblog and Mr. Seoungryul Han, a developer of HanRSS. Many of people felt those were free and useful lectures and discussion in this time. It’s very positive signal to be able to expand user-centric discussions.

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