Thursday September 28, 2006 00:55

Partnership of Naver and ThinkFree

Posted by Channy Yun

Thinkfree made a strategic partnership with Naver on September 28th. 2006. As you know, Thinkfree is famous web office service providers against Microsoft Office in US. Its service has focused on Java-applet based web office to substitute MS Office, but it turns to offer Ajax-based lightweight functions in this year. So Thinkfree starts to have a strong competitive against Google Writely and Spreadsheet as well MS Office Live.

A vulnerable point of Thinkfree don’t have heavy users to use their officeware. But, Naver extends a helping hand to Thinkfree to make a partnership with HaanSoft, an owner of Thinkfree and competitor against Microsoft Office in Korean Office market.

Naver has many search skills for user-generated contents including blog, knowledge and shopping reviews. They want to gather user’s documents and offer search them. Also korean people are familiar with broadband and high computing environment, there are no limits such as download of applet to extend users in Korea. It will be excellent testbed for Thinkfree.

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