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Primer Enternship Program

Posted by Channy Yun

The new startup incubator program was made by Primer Group, a entrepreneurship and business management evangelism. Also the Demoday of Primer Summer Enternship Program was held in Microsoft Korea on August 31th, 2010.

This is the new entrepreneur internship of twelve teams to be interested in making new startup and presented their proto-type products and business plan to over 150 people in venture capital and Internet industry.

It includes various teams with good ideas: (user-generated t-shirt manufacturing), Onoffmix (hosting and management of events), Coordinator (WPF based UI-theme production engine), (social network personalization), PIC&Go (social e-commerce), StickPoster (location based social network), Cublic (Advertisement for coffee shops), Enter (online book service for blind people), APPtle (automatic iPhone app generator), Y-Road (secure baby carriage), TreePlanet(social planting application) and Quik (enterprise social networks).

Especially, Coordinator (WPF based UI-theme production engine) was excellent in technical aspects and can be good product. You can contact its developer, directly.

Coordinator by wit from eundol on Vimeo.

TreePlatnet is iPhone application to support green planet. Users can plant a tree in iPhone and it can be done in real world donated by NGOs, companies and governments. You can contact directly.

What is Primer Group?
There were several startup incubating program in the past as like Litmus by Softbank(venture capital) and Neoply by Neowiz (Internet company). The remarkable thing of this program is managed by top five entrepreneurs with successful story.

It includes Mr. Byungkyu Jang(Bluehole), co-founder of Neowiz and founder of Chutnoon, Mr. Jaewoong Lee and Taekkyung Lee, co-founder of, the #2 largest internet company, Young Song, Founder of NComputing & Booga Ventures in Palo Alto and Mr. Dougguen Kwon, founder Inicis and Initech. They are well known successful exit story or stock owner over 3~10 million dollors.

So it is different from another startup incubation and means real startup eco-system begin in earnest in Koreal. In this aspects, people in this industry expected their activities and investment.

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