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Posted by Channy Yun

Egloos is the leading independent blog service provider in Korea. I guess you can say Egloos is equivalent to Typepad or in the US. Egloos has close to 150,000 users and has approximately 10,000 posts uploaded everyday by their loyal users.

Its name came from the ice house of Eskimo, “igloo”. It is the service known as “weblog” or “blog” helping people write personal diary, articles, ideas and link good sites or multimedia data to their EGLOOS. So EGLOOS means personal blog service. EGLOOS concepts are “independent” style from service company, “easy” way to handle for bloggers, “various” skins for web page designs.

It have many features 1) Simple and solid for blogging 2) Publishing On Demand (POD) supporting with PDF 3) Supporting blog search engine 4) With no advertisement 5) Strong skin system and various skins for web pages 6) Supporting independent URL with ID. 6) Anywhere, anytime. Supporting mobile posting service “Moblog”

Egloss is one of service part of and started from June 2003 and its blog platform was implemented to Excite Japan’s glog site.

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April 14th, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Very nice blog, I agree with most of what you are saying here…

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