Tuesday May 3, 2005 04:14


Posted by Channy Yun

The Tattertools is blog management tool as like WordPress. Tatter means knitting with thread and needle and it’s similar to make a blog with entry and tag. (Of course mainly it means cloth pieces) It has been developed by Mr. Jaehoon Jung from March 2004 based on LAMP(Apache+MySQL+PHP). The latest version is 0.96 as a personal package. It supports very simple theme and plugin system. Theme is only one html file, so many web designers can make it easily and share it from tattertool’s user community. So there are many users over 20,000 blogs.

In September 2005, Tatter & Company was launched for adding functions based on web 2.0 philosophy such as web standard, tag, utf-8, logical uri and localization. It was made by JungseokNoh, founder of Inzen (KOSDAQ 041630) and famous linux hacker in Korea. He made Tattertools 1.0 in Febrary 2006 with Mr. Jung and many developers and it’s exellent blogging tool as wordpress.

You can download latest version of tattertools.

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