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Recent iPhone stories

Posted by Channy Yun

Despite of launching iPhone in world wide before 2 years, Korean people still cannot use it. The WIPI was why iphone 3g couldn’t be launched in Korea. It was closed Korean national standard – “WIPI” that must be installed in all mobile devices to personal retails. So Apple rejected this duty for providing iphone, but fortunately Korean Communication Commission (KCC) decided to absolve from an obligation from April in this year.

Before a month, KT (wire phone, wireless internet) and KTF (mobile) were merged. KTF was one of candidates that could offer iPhone and there were many rumors from there. It was hopeful news too. But, there wasn’t good news in WWDC 2009. I couldn’t find the name of Korea in 80 launching country list of iPhone. So many Korean geeks were disappointed and thought another problem is still mobile carrier not to give up their closed mobile business.

Recently there is another hopeful news again. Apple gained a regulatory approval for sales of its iPhone 3G here. Radio Research Agency affiliated with the KCC released to grant certification to Apple for sales of its iPhone 3G A1241 on 12th June.

Its approval is mandatory for telecom equipment entering the Korean market. Not all of the products that received the body’s certification are sold in the local market, but the latest approval shows that “Apple is interested in entering the Korean market,” a KT spokesperson said and KT have been long in talks with Apple to launch its iPhone raising hopes among Korean consumers that the sleek device would come to the local market.

However, the older iPhone 3G may yet hit the local market. Someone are keen to see the possible impact that the iPhone may have on the local mobile phone market, which is dominated by Korean firms such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. Also telecom companies have dominated all of mobile business with relatively expensive price for internet access. So Korean geeks is now alternation of joy and grief because of iphone.

Anyway it’s well going the status of Korean application for iPhone. According to the list of appstore developers, there are over 150 companies and 700 applications in appstore (about 2% per 50,000).

There was successful stories of top 5th game naming “Heavy Mach.” by Korean personal developer Mr. Byun and top 1st free application naming “9-Toolbox” by E2ndesign.

So it boomed up between Korean developers and there is Mr. Chanjin Lee who was one of heroes of software industry and developer Hangul word processor. He has tried to persuade many telecom company, to raise issue about opening market and to promote for many developer to join appstore by helping and consulting them. He also hosted several conference and workshop for iPhone and smartphones including Android, Windows Mobile.

I wish iPhone launches in Korea soon. It will be one of key milestones to open mobile market in here and increase Korean-made applications in mobile world.

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body talk

November 16th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Probably iphone takes other countries by storm but the price is not that friendly only few people with money can afford them.

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