Thursday August 3, 2006 11:58

Story Telling on the Map

Posted by Channy Yun

Did you visit a famous place and take pictures? You had a delicious dinner in a beautiful restaurant? Or did you have a worst place to avoid it?

You can make a story on map. You can make it on Cyworld Map Story that can mark own minihompy’s story and photo to specific places. The Cyworld Map is Ajax-based service to offer interactive behaviors as like Naver Maps.

This is similar with Platial or WayFaring to mark own places based on Google Maps. But, it links stories by various people and can share them.

There are similar function in Wingbus, a korean meta-blog site for travel. Wingbus offers own maps for world cities. Bloggers can mark and link their blog entries for specific spot on city map.Also Naver gets starting to Post Map similar with Cyworld Map Story. But, The Post Map is not to link service of other articles but to mark and add own stories directly. The purpose of Post Map is to enhance user-generated places to Naver Local Service.

Korean are good at collaborative works because of highly connected characteristics such as emphasis on human network, urban based life, same language and faces as well broadband internet connection in any places. Story-telling maps will be another success story such as Naver search based on Q/A and Cyworld.

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