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Thursday April 23, 2009 01:58

Feedmil, the longtail blog feed search

I’m also heavy RSS reader with over 200 feeds and it’s hard to track many famous blogs. Strangely I found sometimes that good blogs were hidden with no influence and rare good qualified posting. So I added them and instead removed newspaper-like blogs that publish many articles per day to keep proper numbers RSS feeds […]

Sunday September 28, 2008 05:18

Restart of blogging

It’s almost one and a half years to stop blogging There was no special reason to do that and just wanted to focus on my job of open APIs evangelism for Daum’s 3rd party developers and writing my Korean blog with over 6,000 readers. I guess you may get informations from Web2.0 Asia and […]

Friday July 27, 2007 13:23

TechnoKimchi gears up.

A Korean famous blogger, Danny Kim started new blog TechnoKimchi to write on digital generation in Asia especially focused on Korea young people enjoyed wired life. His Korean blog has over 5,000 subscribers and popular to Web 2.0 mania. He studied in Cornell University and worked in Samsung SDS as a system engineer. Recently he […]

Wednesday July 18, 2007 16:51 relaunched

The Korean first meta-blog site, will be relaunched braking a gap of two years in July 17, 2007. The meta-blog site means news style-blog gateway based on blogger’s subscription and crawling of their RSS feeds. It started in 2003 and most of early bloggers registered Its outset is concerned by many blogger fans […]

Wednesday May 9, 2007 18:06

Allblog disconnects to Naver

Allblog made a bombshell announcement to end stategic partnership with Naver. It has offered registered feed data to Naver search engine by a contract between Allblog and Naver. So many blogs registered in Allblog were showed in searh results in Naver. Most of them are independent blogs such as Tattertools, WordPress and Egloos. Before offering […]

Sunday April 8, 2007 18:00

Naaroo, Attention Search

Another challenge for the search market was active by, Attention search engine. It is based on Onnet that made Fish, a desktop RSS reader and Egloos, blog service acquired by SK Communications. It was famous to join some of early search developers, Dr. Younghoon Kim and Dr. Younghwan Cho in Korea. They participated in […]

Saturday April 7, 2007 17:17

Why Japanese is strong in Technorati?

David Sifry reported the latest statistics for global blogosphere in April, 2007. He has announced the collection result based on Technorati in every quarter. In this report, the top language of blog posts was japanese. In terms of blog posts by language, Japanese retakes the top spot from our last report, with 37% (up from […]

Saturday March 10, 2007 04:34

Me2day and Playtalk, Social Microblogging

In Korean bloggosphere, two similar sites become popular at the same time. They are and that represent the social micro-blogging such as and It’s very simple whereas most of blogging tools have somehow complex. After registration through Open ID or email address, you can start microblogging with one or two sentence. […]