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Sunday January 7, 2007 00:09

Naver Blog, New UX

Naver‘s new blog service season2 was developed for ultimate freedom of customization, more specialty functions, easier channel to latest technologies. Presently, there are two main types of blogs available. A web-based hosted blogging service and an installed blog using tool such program like Tattertools and WordPress. When using the web provided blog service, users are […]

Saturday October 14, 2006 04:03 is the new ranking system of blog posts by referring statistics. It allows you to share the real interest over the Internet in real-time. If a blogger insert the referring-code in his website or blog, every time people visit your website, it collects each URLs using a simple system called “Referring-Code-System”. It can make […]

Saturday October 14, 2006 04:00


CreamAid let you meet other bloggers with similar interest by simply writing blog posts and even make money while doing that. Anyone can start using CREAMaid by inserting a CREAMaid Conversation widget inside her post. Your post will most likely be selected as long as you abide by these rules. Once selected, your post will […]

Sunday October 1, 2006 03:42

Eolin reopened with Intelligence

Eolin was reopened on Sep. 28th. It was closed to change new syndication platform in spring, this year. Eolin was designed for gathering from Tattertools‘s users. But, there were many spam posts from others. So they made intelligent filtering system against spam posts and stabilized syndication platform. It has 1.2 million normal posts from Tattertools. […]

Wednesday September 20, 2006 03:29

Aladdin’s Thanks to Blogger

The Aladdin established profit-sharing affiliate program for bloggers. It’s one of the largest online bookstore in korea. Thanks to Bloggers gives money to bloggers who write book review or link to book pages. For that, it offers Book API. It’s not new and striking in affiliate program, but remarkable to focus bloggers.

Tuesday August 8, 2006 22:46

Who are korean bloggers?

David Sifry, CEO of Technorati announced analysis for the blogosphere. According to results, japanese and chinese blogs are increasing and over english blog. But, there are not no korean part in blogosphere as measured by Technorati. David wrote that Korean blogs are not tracked by Technorati and that Korean blogs are grossly underrepresented. David explained […]

Tuesday June 27, 2006 14:02

Web 2.0 Hub Beta

The Web2.0 Hub Beta was released June 27th. It was originated Google SIG at KAIST managed by Dr. Jaesun Han. Some of KASIT students has studied Web 2.0 and Google. In result, they decided to make a hub and community site amang Web 2.0 geeks. It contains a brief introduction of Web 2.0 for general […]

Monday May 8, 2006 15:59

Tistory, a free blog hosting service

Tistory starts closed beta services. It is blog hosting services with strategic partnership between Tattertools, a famous blog software written PHP and Daum Comminications, the largest internet portal in Korea. It’s similar with MovableType on Yahoo! Web Hosting. Yahoo! also offers hosting service of WordPress. But, there is a different thing compared with Yahoo!. Tistory […]