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Monday November 27, 2006 14:19, Social Bookmarking for Korean

This article was written by PRAK. as margarine) was launched in 26th November, 2006. As you can easily imagine by its hacked domain name, it has little something to do with the The claims that it starts as a Korean-version, aspiring to be koreanized and the ultimate social bookmarking for […]

Wednesday May 3, 2006 06:16

Naver Blink

Naver launched Naver Blink, a social bookmark service for blog posts. Blink is based tagging, but it guides four actions to make tags to 1) like, 2) buy, 3) do something and 4) go somewhere. User can make tag to do “web 2.0 study” or buy “digital camera”. In fact, most of blog posts in […]

Monday April 10, 2006 15:58

The is a korean social bookmark site as like It’s personal proto-type made by imohany. He wanted to make korean based and most of functions are simliar with’s. The unique thing is that offer feed icon and reading windows if a bookmark includes RSS feeds such as blogs and news sites. […]