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Thursday September 24, 2009 04:10

Daum gives iPhone to all employees

Daum Communications Corp. decided to give iPhone 3GS to all employees as a gift. is 2nd internet portal site and owner of in US. Of course, iPhone hasn’t yet launched in South Korea. If it is released, this plan will be processed. Its plan includes 2 years guaranteed data plan. It was very […]

Google has innovated online geospatial service as like Google Maps with high quality satellite images, street view, oceanic exploration and Google Earth with 3D images and SketchUP in global scale. They were brilliant ideas and many people were impressed. But, recently Korean web service made another remarkable map services in local scale. Daum and Naver […]

Friday February 6, 2009 13:30

Youtube still struggles in Korea

People said Korea is a grave of famous global companies such as Wal-mart, Nokia Carrefour, Nestlé,and Google. MySpace also quits their business in here. Youtube is not exception. It was opened in one year ago with promotion of Steve Chen, co-founder of Youtube, visited Korea. During one year, Youtube seems nice growth but, it still […]

Tuesday February 3, 2009 11:47

Daum gains 20% share in search market

Daum, the #2 largest Internet portal in Korea gains 20% share in Korean search market. As you know, Korea is one of Google failed countries against local search engine. Google is still behind others in Russia, the Czech Republic, Korea, China and Japan. Yandex, Seznam, Naver, Baidu and Yahoo! Japan are all the leaders in […]

Friday July 13, 2007 00:24

Daum Open ID

Daum launched Open ID Beta service to provide Open ID account to its users in July 13th, 2007. Daum has over 56 million Hanmail accounts. Everyday most of Korean over 7 million people logged in Daum to read their email and news articles. So it is very big news to Open ID ecosystem in the […]

Friday June 29, 2007 13:25

Hanmail Express reveals

Hanmail Express revealed Ajax-based rich applications such as Outlook Express in Webappscon. Hanmail is Daum’s web mail service launched in 1997 against Hotmail of MSN. Now most of Korean over 95% have its account and a number of total account is over 54 millions in 2007 and has over 70% market share even though Naver […]

Saturday June 2, 2007 18:00

Daum DevNight vs. Google DevDay

As most of subscribers of this blog know my job in company, I’m web technical evangelist to offer Web APIs and support 3rd party developers and affiliates such as Yahoo! Developers Network and Google Code. I organized Daum Developers Night to hack APIs and make prototype using them such as widgets, plug-ins and mashups. There […]

Sunday May 20, 2007 18:58

Player Platforms

The integration between desktop and web has been accelerated. For example, Joost and Democracy Player offer online-based content services. They are just media player, but people started to think service. In fact, Itune was successful model for this area although there has been very long competition to become content delivery platform between Real Player and […]