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Monday May 7, 2007 18:06

Daum’s New Web Search

Daum released the beta of new web search service. Until now Daum has outsourced Google’s serch engine for web search. But, mos of korean portal has various own database, so if an user query a keyword, it firstly shows search results internal database such as news, blog, image and Q&A in order. A result of […]

Saturday March 31, 2007 00:11

Daum Adclix

Daum announced AdClix, the contextual advertisement system as similar with Google AdSense. It is the beta service for users of Daum Blog and independent bloggers with WordPress, Tattertools and so on. Although Daum made a strategic partnership with Google in this area, Daum did own one. It’s very similar with Google AdSense’s system, but it […]

Friday March 2, 2007 04:08

Mashup Camp! Wrap-up

The Daum and Naver were co-hosted the Korea Mashup Contest 2007 that find out good services mashed by Open APIs. For unfamiliar developers about Open APIs, there was Mashup camp in Yonsei Univ., Seoul on Feb 25th and KAIST in Daejeon. on Mar. 1th. Before the noon, API developers of Daum and Naver directly instructed […]

Wednesday December 13, 2006 22:29

Daum runs Google’s Adwords

The, South Korea’s second largest portal, is going to be going with Google when their contract expires with Yahoo (Overture) in January. Some are even making prediction of M&A between the two with rumor that Daum Communications could end its business ties with Overture in the advertisements business. Meanwhile, on 9th, Google spoke that […]

Thursday December 7, 2006 01:49 goes to Open Beta was recently launched open beta services of the customizable blog by Daum with local venture start-up Tatter & Company. Tistory is drawing keen attention as the new breed is useful in making blog-specific full-featured applications with customizing theme, free storage and free video service. Also it allows to change other domain name of users […]

Saturday November 11, 2006 15:09

Daum WebInside

Daum WebInside is alternative choice for Korean in web traffic analysis service against Google Analytics. Daum WebInside is a free service offered by Daum that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Its main highlight is that a webmaster can optimize their advertisement including overture in Korea and marketing campaigns through the use […]

Monday October 30, 2006 13:23

Daum Developers Network and Affilates, the korean leading portal sites opened their web APIs and developer community named Daum DNA(Developers Network and Affiliates) on Oct. 28th, 2006. This is the second action following Naver’s Open APIs in korean portal leaders and it means entering competition for “web as platform” in Korea. Daum’s APIs includes eight services of search, blog, […]

Thursday September 7, 2006 00:54

Widget War

The widget became the new battle field to occupy priority between Internet and desktop. Two commonly referred to type of widgets are the Yahoo! Widgets and the Dashboard widgets of Apple Macintosh. Microsoft refers to them as Gadgets both in Windows Vista and the Windows Live system. And Google has given APIs to make gadgets […]