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Was not failed personalization? It’s in fashion interactive personalization services with Ajax and RSS feeds. In past, the portal based personalization was closed and aggregated informations in portal. But, a new thing is opened. There are many kinds of services such as Netvibes, Google Ig, MSN Live (aka, and My Yahoo!. Yozmn Yozmn is […]

Wednesday May 3, 2006 11:21

Ajax/Flash Workshop by Jania

Mr. Kyuyoung Kang gives leactures in Ajax/Flash Workshop of Bizdeli and in May. 3th. He is a consultant of Agile Counsulting and expert for Java, XP and Ajax and TDD. He was a speaker of Web Application Workshop 2006 and Ajax Workshop 2005. In this workshop, it treats file upload, TCP/IP communication, animation, control […]

Friday March 17, 2006 12:53

Web Application Workshop 2006

As tutorial program in NGWeb 2006 Conference, Web Application Workshop was held in Mar. 13th, 2006. It covered new user interface and rich internet applications in web 2.0 era. It focused on Ajax programming and troubleshooting, Ruby on Rails and Ajax, Flex programming and widget programming with five speakers. Lecture Notes – Introduction of Web […]