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Sunday December 21, 2008 04:25

Low attention for Asian web 2.0 blogs

My blog has been very long silence and its rare posting will be sorry for my “thankful” readers. Although I declared restarting of blogging, I could not keep my promise. One of reasons is still to focus my Korean blog. Another is because of low attention for Korean market from global audiences. As you know, […]

Tuesday July 10, 2007 22:26

Online Video Market Share in Korea

I introduced various online video sharing sites in last year. Even though Korea was developed in broadband, there were mostly payable VOD and web casting sites in Korea. The video sharing service needed high cost of network bandwidth and server systems including encoding and distribution. So most of service providers mind to enter this market. […]

Wednesday May 3, 2006 15:35

The Search Market Share in Korea

May you read Google Fails to Make Inroads in S. Korea. Korean version of Google referred only about 17% of unique visitors to other sites in March 2006, according to WebSideStory. KoreanClick found that Google’s Korean site referred only about 10.8% of unique visitors in February 2006. Naver accounted for nearly 58.4% of search referrals, […]