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Monday August 3, 2009 03:25

Victory of Yahoo Employees

There was big news of partnership between Yahoo! and Microsoft. After the war of acquisition between Jerry Yang and Steve Ballmer, Yahoo got new woman CEO Carol Bartz and she finished remained problems that everyone minds. Most of news media wrote Yahoo! surrendered to Microsoft and Yahoo’s stock was down. In addtion Jason Calacanis wrote […]

Wednesday June 20, 2007 00:16

ReMIX Korea

Do you want to know Microsoft web strategy in Korea? It’s chance that The ReMIX Korea was held on June. 19th by Microsoft Korea. Remix is after event in the world sharing local experiences and results of Mix 2007 in Vegas of this year. Especially it was free for all IT industry people, so over […]

Tuesday May 1, 2007 15:28

Ray Ozzie, Coming out Windows in Mix07

Today 72 hours conversations was started between Microsoft and Web in Las Vegas. Ray Ozzie, a keynote speaker of Mix07 turned over all of his best cards of “service softwares for user experience” to be prepared. I saw all of keynote and demonstrations via 500kb live streaming in my home in Korea, and felt fresh […]

Saturday April 28, 2007 06:17

Mix07 in QR code

Microsoft’s Mix07 is coming soon. In last Microsoft Tech Summit, Loke Uei and Clark Butler showed a demonstration of QR code with Windows Mobile to guide conference rooms in Mix07. If you participate in Mix07, you’ve better learn it.

Thursday March 29, 2007 22:01

MTS07: Beating up IE

It’s the third day at last. For me, there was the most waited time “Internet Explorer and direction” as one of web standards evangelists and Firefox developers. In draft agenda, it was written in IE8 and direction by Molly. But, Pete LePage, a product manager of IE team leaded talk with participators. By saying of […]

Thursday March 29, 2007 02:38

MTS07: 2nd. Day Wrap-up

It’s 2nd. day for MTS07. First session is Michael Howard’s, 15years security guy in Microsoft. He introduced Security Development Lifecycle in MS and some of educational courseworks. My interest is out of security in software development. Please check out summary articles of Ben Galbraith, Bryan Hansen and Travisswicegood. Next, it’s my favorite session by Sam […]

Wednesday March 28, 2007 23:05

MTS07: Windows Expression Blend

Also there is very interesting session about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) by Celso Gomes, Designer. He introduced the first preview of Windows Expression Blend. Despite there are a few designer, he excellently demoed Blend to us. He gave the step-by-step tutorial to make 2D and 3D animation and slideshow with Microsoft Expression Blend. The demo […]

Wednesday March 28, 2007 17:52

MTS07: PHP on IIS7

IIS7 guys, Bill Staples and Carlos Aguilar revealed Apache-like module written c# code, Tomcat-like configuration based on XML and light-weight web server. It’s big changes after IIS6 in 2003, in fact so late. They gave a demonstration of creating an IIS7 module with 40 lines of C# code. So it had already over 30 managed […]