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Wednesday March 28, 2007 07:02

MTS07: Open Source at Microsoft

It was most favorite session to me. Sam Ramji of OSS Lab introduced activities of his lab and colleagues. You can see his dialog with attendees in detail. Firstly He said “In 1995, Microsoft was the company that missed the Internet. In 2005, I don’t think you could say that. It was the company that […]

Tuesday March 27, 2007 16:33

MTS07: 1st. Day Wrap-up

Today was very exciting day to see famous people and hear their talking in Microsoft. Although the format was formal, speakers showed various communication skills that build the spot themes with notepad by Don and Anderson in XAML/WCF, vim by Jim and Jonh in CLR after asking to attendee. Full agenda of conference was similar […]

I’m now attending Microsoft Tech Summit 2007 at Redmond of Seattle. It’s annual event to hear from outside people and discuss new technologies of Microsoft. Over 50 peoples was joined in this event including Open Source community, enterprise and academic people. Today is first day. I saw a funny demos from Kevin Schofield, Microsoft Research. […]