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Google has innovated online geospatial service as like Google Maps with high quality satellite images, street view, oceanic exploration and Google Earth with 3D images and SketchUP in global scale. They were brilliant ideas and many people were impressed. But, recently Korean web service made another remarkable map services in local scale. Daum and Naver […]

Wednesday February 4, 2009 21:14

NHN earned 860 million dollars in 2008

NHN announced earning surprise of 2008 year with increasing over 30% sales and income compared with 2007. According to corporate earning presentation, the total sales in 2008 reached 8.6 hundred million US dollars and net income did 2.6 hundred million US dollars. It was just discounted because of weaken Korean won. 2008 2007 Amount Increased […]

Tuesday February 3, 2009 11:47

Daum gains 20% share in search market

Daum, the #2 largest Internet portal in Korea gains 20% share in Korean search market. As you know, Korea is one of Google failed countries against local search engine. Google is still behind others in Russia, the Czech Republic, Korea, China and Japan. Yandex, Seznam, Naver, Baidu and Yahoo! Japan are all the leaders in […]

Tuesday July 24, 2007 11:42

Naver Integrated Search

Even though Google, web search giant conquers all search world, there is exceptional country. In Korea, Naver became David against Goliath. What’s different Naver from Google and How’s different Korea from others? Naver explained their unique characteristics of its search engine and service evolved by Korean user’s requirement over time. It’s different style with Google […]

Friday July 6, 2007 21:59

Google copied Naver

Some of Korean bloggers reported screenshots of search result bucket test Google Korea. Especially it is very similiar with search results of local competitors such as Naver and Daum. It was more interesting because Google was changed new front-page layout for Korean different with other languages. Recently Google unveiled new search results user interface called […]

Wednesday May 9, 2007 18:06

Allblog disconnects to Naver

Allblog made a bombshell announcement to end stategic partnership with Naver. It has offered registered feed data to Naver search engine by a contract between Allblog and Naver. So many blogs registered in Allblog were showed in searh results in Naver. Most of them are independent blogs such as Tattertools, WordPress and Egloos. Before offering […]

Friday March 2, 2007 04:08

Mashup Camp! Wrap-up

The Daum and Naver were co-hosted the Korea Mashup Contest 2007 that find out good services mashed by Open APIs. For unfamiliar developers about Open APIs, there was Mashup camp in Yonsei Univ., Seoul on Feb 25th and KAIST in Daejeon. on Mar. 1th. Before the noon, API developers of Daum and Naver directly instructed […]

Sunday January 7, 2007 00:09

Naver Blog, New UX

Naver‘s new blog service season2 was developed for ultimate freedom of customization, more specialty functions, easier channel to latest technologies. Presently, there are two main types of blogs available. A web-based hosted blogging service and an installed blog using tool such program like Tattertools and WordPress. When using the web provided blog service, users are […]