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Saturday June 2, 2007 18:00

Daum DevNight vs. Google DevDay

As most of subscribers of this blog know my job in company, I’m web technical evangelist to offer Web APIs and support 3rd party developers and affiliates such as Yahoo! Developers Network and Google Code. I organized Daum Developers Night to hack APIs and make prototype using them such as widgets, plug-ins and mashups. There […]

Tuesday April 17, 2007 18:39

New OpenAPIs

After mash-up opportunity sponsored by Daum DNA and Naver OpenAPI, it will be increased raw materials for mashup food. Startup companies make their own OpenAPIs and share them to all developers. SpringNote APIs: You can add and edit your own pages in SpringNote. Me2day APIs: You can post articles to Me2day. Lifepod APIs: […]

Friday March 2, 2007 04:08

Mashup Camp! Wrap-up

The Daum and Naver were co-hosted the Korea Mashup Contest 2007 that find out good services mashed by Open APIs. For unfamiliar developers about Open APIs, there was Mashup camp in Yonsei Univ., Seoul on Feb 25th and KAIST in Daejeon. on Mar. 1th. Before the noon, API developers of Daum and Naver directly instructed […]

Monday October 30, 2006 13:23

Daum Developers Network and Affilates, the korean leading portal sites opened their web APIs and developer community named Daum DNA(Developers Network and Affiliates) on Oct. 28th, 2006. This is the second action following Naver’s Open APIs in korean portal leaders and it means entering competition for “web as platform” in Korea. Daum’s APIs includes eight services of search, blog, […]

Wednesday September 20, 2006 03:29

Aladdin’s Thanks to Blogger

The Aladdin established profit-sharing affiliate program for bloggers. It’s one of the largest online bookstore in korea. Thanks to Bloggers gives money to bloggers who write book review or link to book pages. For that, it offers Book API. It’s not new and striking in affiliate program, but remarkable to focus bloggers.

Wednesday August 16, 2006 14:13

Naver Knowledge vs. Yahoo! Answers API

Yahoo! Answers released knowledge API today for developers to access Y!A database. The Yahoo’s knowledge database has been growing in the world except korean market. Naver was first mover with typical mass in this market. Also it released Naver Knowledge API on July, 2006. But it’s not public why it only offered to own knowledge […]

Thursday August 3, 2006 12:39

Naver Maps API Released

Naver Open API announced Korean Maps API. It’s first thing to offer local map by service provider in Korea. (maybe in the world?) It resembles Google Maps API by Naver Maps API overview. You can catch an mouse event and add controls such as zoom in/out, save button and annotation etc. A source of map […]

Monday March 27, 2006 17:25

Naver Search API

Naver, the korean largest search engine based portal started to offer their search results to RSS format. You can refer to Naver Open API sites. They offer search results of KnowledgeIN, blog, book, shopping and dictionaries including korean, japanese and english. It follows simple REST method via HTTP. You can see a sample result in […]