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Wednesday September 20, 2006 02:05

The is one of personalization portal in Korea as like Google’s personal start page service or Netvibes. It made by Wizard Works (domestic venture college students). They just introduced its beta version through its site on the 14th. September. They have offered the closed beta service since June, 2006. It provides RSS feeds and […]

Was not failed personalization? It’s in fashion interactive personalization services with Ajax and RSS feeds. In past, the portal based personalization was closed and aggregated informations in portal. But, a new thing is opened. There are many kinds of services such as Netvibes, Google Ig, MSN Live (aka, and My Yahoo!. Yozmn Yozmn is […]

Sunday April 16, 2006 04:58

Nate’s mini channel and my nate owner of Cyword started two beta services. One is Mini Channel, a social bookmark service similar with But, it targets ordinary people who are good at pop-up based cute interfaces of Cyworld. Someone can make own mini channel and add and share bookmarks with others. Also it accepts to add a bookmark to […]