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Tuesday July 31, 2007 14:54

Clone SNS Sites

Cyworld is one of very unique social network services in the world. Before Cyworld, there were a success case, ILoveSchool based on networking school alumni in 1999. So trying of new startup for SNS has been very rare. Recently there are new startup services for SNS such as, and I reviewed these […]

Saturday March 10, 2007 04:34

Me2day and Playtalk, Social Microblogging

In Korean bloggosphere, two similar sites become popular at the same time. They are and that represent the social micro-blogging such as and It’s very simple whereas most of blogging tools have somehow complex. After registration through Open ID or email address, you can start microblogging with one or two sentence. […]

Monday November 27, 2006 14:19, Social Bookmarking for Korean

This article was written by PRAK. as margarine) was launched in 26th November, 2006. As you can easily imagine by its hacked domain name, it has little something to do with the The claims that it starts as a Korean-version, aspiring to be koreanized and the ultimate social bookmarking for […]

Monday November 20, 2006 13:43

News 2.0, a social news site

New2.0 is a newly launched Korean social news website with an emphasis on in-depth conversation functionality and mutual respected atmosphere. Its style and user-interface resembles But, it only allows for people over 15 years old to register in it and summit a news and write a comment to keep the level of conversation between […]

Tuesday May 23, 2006 18:16

Yahoo! learned Korea. But…

Recently Google presented own future strategy to stock analysts. Also Yahoo hosts Yahoo! Analyst Day with Semel and all of core managers of Yahoo! You can download presentation files. In summary, they want to offer good experiences and become the major contents distribution platform. I remarked Jeff Weiner’s social search session. This means collaborative search […]

Thursday March 16, 2006 10:55


The OpenYourBook is your online book library sharing informations and reviews with other people. You can tag books of your own or interesting books, and write a review to book information or trackback to it from your blog. You can bookmark page numbers and comments of your impressed paragraphs. Also you can share your contributed […]