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Sunday September 28, 2008 04:33

Google’s Dead Ducks

Recently Google Korea firstly acquired TNC, the famous blog service developing company that has made Textcube (a.k.a Tattertools) similar with WordPress case. It became buzz in a flash by many famous blogs such as Techcrunch, GigaOM, NY Times, VentureBeat, InformationWeek, The Inquisitr, Epicenter, p2pnet,  Portfolio, WebProNews, AppScout,, Valleywag and Pulse 2.0. They have developed […]

Thursday December 7, 2006 01:49 goes to Open Beta was recently launched open beta services of the customizable blog by Daum with local venture start-up Tatter & Company. Tistory is drawing keen attention as the new breed is useful in making blog-specific full-featured applications with customizing theme, free storage and free video service. Also it allows to change other domain name of users […]

Thursday November 9, 2006 14:18

Softbank Ventures invest Tattertools

Softbank Ventures invests $0.15M to Tatter and Company owned Tattertools. It’s the most popular blogging tool in Korea. It was released by open source and made content delivery service called Also was opened by closed beta service with Daum. It is free hosting service using Tattertools as like It was good example […]

Sunday October 1, 2006 03:42

Eolin reopened with Intelligence

Eolin was reopened on Sep. 28th. It was closed to change new syndication platform in spring, this year. Eolin was designed for gathering from Tattertools‘s users. But, there were many spam posts from others. So they made intelligent filtering system against spam posts and stabilized syndication platform. It has 1.2 million normal posts from Tattertools. […]

Monday May 8, 2006 15:59

Tistory, a free blog hosting service

Tistory starts closed beta services. It is blog hosting services with strategic partnership between Tattertools, a famous blog software written PHP and Daum Comminications, the largest internet portal in Korea. It’s similar with MovableType on Yahoo! Web Hosting. Yahoo! also offers hosting service of WordPress. But, there is a different thing compared with Yahoo!. Tistory […]

Tuesday March 7, 2006 01:29

Tattertools goes to open source

The famous korean blogging tool, Tattertools decided to go to open source. Mr. Noh, Jungseok, CEO of Tatter&Company announced GPL Lincense of Tattertools ver. 1.0.3. Tattertools has many 3rd party contributor such as developing plugin and producing theme(skin). He commented the company doesn’t have any plan to make a money for selling blog tool and […]

Friday November 18, 2005 10:49


The Eolin is the blog syndication service from users of Tattertools. The Tattertools offers functions of sync to Eolin whenever a blogger writes his article. A Sync includes 1) article title and permalink, 2) general tag, 3) location tag. A user of tattertools gets attention from visitors of Eolin by using sync function. Eolin will […]

Tuesday May 3, 2005 04:14


The Tattertools is blog management tool as like WordPress. Tatter means knitting with thread and needle and it’s similar to make a blog with entry and tag. (Of course mainly it means cloth pieces) It has been developed by Mr. Jaehoon Jung from March 2004 based on LAMP(Apache+MySQL+PHP). The latest version is 0.96 as a […]