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Tuesday September 30, 2008 23:22

Remarkable Startups I

I want to introduce some of English based web service made by brilliant Korean young startup. If new startup is appeared, I’ll do again with numbers. FaceWorthy FaceWorthy is a social discovery network that allows you to upload photos and gain recognition. Show your best through photos and get people to vote for you. If […]

Friday March 7, 2008 17:45

Why not Web 2.0 in Korea?

I was at Future of Web Apps Conference in the last week, Miami Beach. It gave the chance to hear various technical workshops and latest web application technologies and examples from famous startups such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pownce and WorePress. It was very good time for me. Also I attended BarCamp Miami and presented […]

Tuesday July 31, 2007 14:54

Clone SNS Sites

Cyworld is one of very unique social network services in the world. Before Cyworld, there were a success case, ILoveSchool based on networking school alumni in 1999. So trying of new startup for SNS has been very rare. Recently there are new startup services for SNS such as, and I reviewed these […]

Thursday July 5, 2007 21:45

Why Asian Love Web 2.0?

Who does search the keyword of “Web 2.0” in the world? Surprisingly it was Korean according to a result of Google Trends in 2006. Of course, South Korea and Seoul were also highly ranked in this period. But, I thought it was bias caused by the result of rare ordinary people. (Google is just under […]

Sunday July 1, 2007 15:11

Chris Anderson: Sell AD after Subscription

It’s one of episodes in Seoul Digital Forum. I think SDF was very expensive conference as much as Web 2.0 Summit, but it was based on free invitation only. Chris Anderson’s speech was impressed me too, in fact I met him and heard his long tail speech in Ebay Developer Conference in last year. But […]

Thursday June 28, 2007 18:52

Eric Schmidt’s Web 3.0

Eric Schmidt CEO of Google gave a special speech in Seoul Digital Forum. Check out my brief coverage. After speech, one of attendance asked to him what he think about Web 3.0. He said web 2.0 is marketing term, but he indicated there is new trends in view of web applications. His view of web […]

Wednesday June 20, 2007 00:16

ReMIX Korea

Do you want to know Microsoft web strategy in Korea? It’s chance that The ReMIX Korea was held on June. 19th by Microsoft Korea. Remix is after event in the world sharing local experiences and results of Mix 2007 in Vegas of this year. Especially it was free for all IT industry people, so over […]

Tuesday May 1, 2007 15:28

Ray Ozzie, Coming out Windows in Mix07

Today 72 hours conversations was started between Microsoft and Web in Las Vegas. Ray Ozzie, a keynote speaker of Mix07 turned over all of his best cards of “service softwares for user experience” to be prepared. I saw all of keynote and demonstrations via 500kb live streaming in my home in Korea, and felt fresh […]